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Beginner's Skeet Class

Beginner’s skeet class is held on the 1st Saturday of the month at the Shotgun Clubhouse @ 9:00 AM. 

Pre-registration is required.  Call or email Paula Tate @ 250-0607 or skeetpair@gmail.com.

Lesson Plan Covers:  Safety, Gun Fit, Basic Fundamentals and Skeet Etiquette.

Bring to class:
  4 boxes of target load shells-No. 9 shot
  Dark or Clear Glasses if bright  sunny day
  Yellow or Clear glasses if cloudy day 
  Ball Cap
  Ear protection
  Skeet Chokes

Cost is for targets only, plus $20.00 donation to Training Division.

  Paula Tate
  E-mail:  skeetpair@gmail.com

Beginning Skeet Class Photos