2019 Adult Skeet Camp 

The Oklahoma City Gun Club Shotgun Division held its first Adult Skeet Camp on October 26 and 27, 2019.

The following club members participated in the Skeet Camp. Joe Fuzzell, Brad Johnson, husband and wife Nathan and Amber Parrow, Cathy Johnson, Robert Nelson and his son Sean, Brad Johnson, Mike Bobo, and Harry Teel.

The instructors were Chuck Black, (Master Instructor), George Guerrero, Paula Tate, and Brent Tate (Level 2 Instructors), Jack Wimberley, Robert Davis, Scott Parks, and Joel Hubscher (Level 1 Instructors).

The Campers were each given a skeet towel and were provided breakfast of donuts, bananas and apples. Lunch on the first day was pizza and Subway sandwiches on the second day.

The camp was two days of classroom and Range works. The Camp was extensive, Campers were taught the Standard of Skeet shooting according to the National Skeet Shooting Association (NSSA). They were taught personal, range, and shotgun safety. Each campers eye dominance were checked and each shotgun was fitted to each camper.

Proper gun mount, stance, and body positions were demonstrated inside the classroom and again in the range. Campers were instructed on break points, hold points, and where to look for the targets. Campers shot a lot of target on each station to the point where they were confident on hitting targets on each station.

It was an exhausting but rewarding two days for instructors and campers alike. At the end of the day, the campers achieved their goals they set at the beginning of the camp.