10 a.m. at the Silhouette range.

This will be the first Precision .22 LR Rim Fire Match. Targets will be small metal targets, and will be shot from 50 to 300 meters. All shooting will be shot from shooter's choice of position for THIS match. Equipment is any .22 LR rifle, any sights. Bipod, shooting sticks, and sandbags are allowed. Match will consist of 50 shots. Time limit will be a 30 second ready and one minute to shoot five shots. Spotters and shooting mats are allowed.

Entry fee is $5 per shooter, under 18 shoot for free. First, Second , and Third Place medals will be awarded. Match limited to 50 competitors.

Contact info:  Jeanne Ring

  email: jeanne@mbo.net

  Phone: 405-820-2067

Precision .22 Rimfire Match, November 21st