This is an all steel match from 50 to 300 meters. Matches are held third Saturday at 1:00 p.m. at the silhouette range following the lever action match on the following dates for 2021:

March 20 | April 17 | June 19 | August 21 | October 16

Any 22 LR Rifle and Any sight can be used. Tripods, sandbags, and shooting sticks can be used, depending on the design of the course of fire. Courses of fire will change monthly.

All states will be limited to five shots, with time limits to be announced at the match.

Every month is a different set of steel, reactive targets from ½ inch square to full size rabbit, squirrel, and bowling pin shaped steel targets, and all sizes in between. We shoot NO PAPER TARGETS.

Contact Glenn and Jeanne Ring at 405-820-2067, call or text, or, email.
Cost is $5 per shooter. Under 18 always free.​

Precision .22 Rimfire Match