Match date: Mar 30th | Jun 29th | Aug 31st | Nov 30th]
Location: Action Pistol Bays 

Check-In Begins: 9:00 AM  (Note: Summer hours 8am check-in)
Match Starts:
10:00 AM (Note: Summer hours 9am start)

Bowling Pin Shootout

Test your mettle in a head-to-head tournament with cash prizes for 1st, 2nd, and 3rd place plus random cash prizes depending on the amount of entries.
Use the 1st round to warm-up round without fear of elimination. Subsequently, it is single elimination, but losers of the 2nd round may buy a mulligan before the 2nd round ends to continue to the 3rd round.

Pairs of competitors will face off against one another in timed, 30-second bouts with unlimited round count. The first to knock all 5 bowling pins completely off their respective platform wins. Ties will be decided first by most pins knocked off, and second, by most pins knocked over.

Pairings will be randomly drawn each round. Competitors passing a round on a bye will automatically go first in the next round.

The range is a cold range. No loaded firearms except at the firing line under the direction of the designated Range Officer.

Start position will be low or compressed ready. Additional ammunition must be either on the table in front of the competitor or holstered on their person.

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Only pistol caliber ammunition allowed. Rifle caliber is not allowed.

Entry fee: $20
Mulligan fee:


   Handgun – All iron or optic sighted pistols without a comp or suppressor.

   Rimfire – All iron or optic sighted rimfire pistols. Targets will be the heads of bowling pins, not entire pins 
   PCC & Race Gun – All iron or optic sighted pistol caliber carbine with or without a comp or suppressor.

​Info: Aaron Armentrout
Phone: 405.795.3638

Bowling Pin Shootout -- 5th Saturdays for 2024