Action Pistol - USPSA Range Officer Course 

USPSA Range Officer Class at the OKC Gun Club Action Shooting Division, August 24th & 25th

Free USPSA Range Officer Class. You must be a USPSA Member. OKCGC will pay all USPSA RO class fees.

You must be an OKCGC member or have shot at least 5 matches with us. If you are not a member, you must supply scores from at least 5 OKCGC USPSA or Steel Challenge matches.

Classes are limited to 35 participants, but if we have more than 40 we will have 2 classes simultaneously...for a max total of 70.

Register Here >

Registration for the class will close on 8/1/24. This will be first-come, first-served. If someone on the list drops, we will add the next person on the list using the PractiScore sign-up order.

This is an outstanding opportunity to learn a great deal about the sport and to improve our collective knowledge/skills base as our matches continue to grow and expand.

The earlier you sign up, the better.

Questions? Send us an email at