Shooting Forums

  Oklahoma Shooters > -- a forum for shooting-related discussions in Oklahoma
  Brian Enos' Forum > -- one of the main discussion forums on "all things IPSC" and related topics
  Boomer Shooter > -- a local forum

  Tips from Top Shooters > -- Practice tips from some notable shooting experts

  Airsoft Safety Tips >

Miscellaneous Sites
  Gun Broker > -- Auction site for all things shooting

  MidwayUSA >

  Brownells >

  H&H Shooting Sports >

  Gene Sears Supply >

Shooting Organizations

  IPSC > -- The International Practical Shooting Confederation
  USPSA > -- United States Practical Shooting Association and governing body for IPSC competition in the USA

  Steel Challenge >  -- Steel Challenge website, part of USPSA 
  NRA > -- National Rifle Association
  ICORE > -- International Confederation of Revolver Enthusiasts

Affiliated Clubs in Oklahoma

​  USPSA Clubs in Oklahoma >

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