For those club members who are not aware of it yet, we have a new division, it’s called Air Gun Silhouette & our matches are held inside our clubhouse on the 2nd Tuesday of each month 6 pm to 9 pm.

If you don’t have an AIR rifle or pistol, we have guns you can shoot in the match before you decide to buy. There are two rifle classes, one open sight & one scope. Same with the pistols, there are classes set up for both open sight & scopes. In the pistol area it’s sanctioned by HPHMS which sanctions our .22 rimfire & centerfire handguns on our silhouette range.

I would like to stress the importance of getting some younger club members involved in this new division, we have trophies that we give to the junior shooters in two age groups, 12 & under & 13-16 years old. It’s not only fun for the kids but you parents will enjoy watching your son or daughter advance up the classes as their shooting skills improve with each match. All in all it’s a fun shooting sport for all ages. After watching, I’m sure you parents will get involved too.

In this sport you don’t shoot holes in paper, you shoot at steel animals, which fall over when hit:

  • Chickens 10 yds 
  • Pigs 121/2 yds 
  • Turkeys 15 yds
  • Rams 18 yds

The targets are in steel cabinets with sand traps in the bottom. So the shooter immediately sees something happen. Entry fee for juniors is only $1, $6 for adults. Juniors shoot free with an adult entry.

We will move the juniors to a different night so they can have the clubhouse for juniors only in the near future as soon as I establish a director for that new division. Watch the Primer.

So do your son or daughter, grandson or granddaughter a big favor & get them involved in this new & exciting shooting sport. Who knows you may just get involved too!

If anyone has any questions, contact Jim Fields at 721-2186 or email

Air Gun Silhouette