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The Archery Area has been redesigned from input of OKCGC members to encourage all types of shooters from Novice to Expert.

We encourage you and your entire family come and experience the available ranges. Whether you are a hunter, a competitive 3D shooter, a long-time target shooter, recreational shooter, or are new to the sport the Archery Division has a range for you.

Range 1: (Novice or Beginner Area), three lanes of shorter distance bag targets ranging from 10-15yards. Also available is a movable bag target for kids just getting started. In addition, there are three 3D standing targets.

Range 2: (General Purpose Area), includes four covered shooting bays that vary from Long-Range shooting at 50-80yd targets, 12 Mid-Range (20-40 yd targets), 3 Mid-Range Broadhead/Crossbow targets (20-40yds), 2-3 long range 3D targets (75/90 yds), and a unique tower platform providing a tree stand style environment.

Range 3: (3D Practice Area), includes 10-15 distinct types of 3D targets at shooting distances from 10-35 yds.

Range 4: (Trophy Ridge) 3D - 11 lane/15 targets walk - out area, with an assortment of targets standing at distances from 15-50 yds.

Range 5: (Fred Bear Way) 3D - 8 lane/15 targets walk – out area, with a unique combination of 1-3 targets on a single lane.

Range 6: (Competitive 3D walk-out range) currently in the planning stage.

Equipment needed: Shoot what you have (Traditional, Compound, Cross), as we welcome all types, styles, and levels of shooters. Bring your bow along with your field point arrows to be used on all bag/3D targets. Also, we welcome your broadhead arrows to be used on our dedicated broadhead (Red Square) targets.

In general, The Archery Division does not provide equipment, repair work, or instruction but can make recommendations on how these services can be provided. On special occasions for youth shooters, we do have a limited selection of bows and arrows for beginners to be used on Range 1 only and by appointment only.

Archery Safety:

Safety is our primary concern as we have taken steps to provide a safe shooting environment but always look to our shooters to demonstrate care when shooting. We ask that you make sure of your target as to what you are shooting and to know what is behind the target. Pay extra attention to signage, bow hooks, bench rest for bows, provided quivers, orange cones/flags indicating shooters are down range, and if needed “call-outs” to ensure no one is still down range. Make sure that all children are behind the current shooters and are minding all rules and regulations. Benches, chairs, and tables are provided to be used for bow adjustments and sighting needs.


Events: The Archery Division will be providing events for members and the public at certain times during the year. Events will be promoted via an email blast and the club calendar.

We always have our covered and lighted pavilion available to use which includes two picnic benches, outdoor grill, restrooms, and electricity.

Come Join Us!

Match Directors:

​   Mary and Aaron Roberts


   Aaron's phone: 405-249-5230
   Mary's phone: 405-249-5229

Questions?  General Questions, email

Division Contacts:

  Brad Pikula

  Phone: 612-799-3281


     -- or --

  Rob York 

  phone: 405-370-7203