Bullseye Pistol Training - First Saturday of Each Month

These will be a training opportunities for "NEW BULLSEYE" Shooters and for seasoned shooters to improve their skills with a handgun at the OKC Gun Club beginning at 0900 at the Pistol Range.

Attendees should bring their own water, snacks, lunch, etc. Additionally, attendees should bring (as a minimum) their own .22 pistol or revolver, 400 rounds of .22 long rifle ammunition, eye and ear protection, a baseball-type hat, a light-duty stapler/staples/masking tape, and a notebook/pen/pencil for taking notes.

The Training will be FREE.

If you want to try Bullseye and don't have the equipment let me know and I'll have something available.

Reminder:  Always check the OKC Gun Club calendar for updates and changes.

Thank you.

Roger Kneeland
Division Chairman
Bullseye Division