Main Gate:
 12465 N.E. 234th (Sorghum Mill) Rd
 Lat/Long: 35.71054 / -97.31033
 Shotgun: 23787 N. Hiwassee Rd Lat/Long: 35.71424 / -97.30112
 South Gate Action Pistol: 24301 N. Hiwassee Rd Lat/Long: 35.71890 / -97.30067
 North Gate Action Pistol: 24507 N. Hiwassee Rd Lat/Long: 35.72108 / -97.30078

Directions to the Range

The Range is located north of the town of Arcadia, east of Edmond. From I-35, take Exit 141, which is the old route 66 eastbound. Arcadia is approximately 7 miles.

Just past the middle of the town is a left turn for Anderson Road. You may also continue further east beyond Arcadia for another mile to Hiwassee Road and turn left. Both roads work; the difference is more a matter of which entrance to the Club you are looking for. Action Pistol, Cowboy, Blackpowder, and Shotgun are closest via Hiwassee. The main club entrance and other ranges are closest to the Anderson Road entrance.

In either case, proceed northbound for approximately 3 miles until you arrive at Sorghum Mill Road (also marked as NE 234th Street).


  • From Anderson Road, turn right and look for the main entrance to the Gun Club about 1/2 mile east on your left.
  • From Hiwassee, to reach the main club entrance, turn left onto Sorghum Mill/234th St and look for the main entrance about 1/2 mile on your right.
  • For the entrance to Shotgun, Action Pistol, Cowboy Action and Black Powder ranges which are all accessed from Hiwassee, continue beyond the Sorghum Mill/234th Street turnoff and continue northbound. The shotgun area is about 3/10th of a mile on your left, and the Action Pistol, Cowboy, and Black Powder ranges are about 6/10th of a mile on the left. 
  • NOTE: There is now an additional entrance to the Action Pistol range about 100 yards further north, which is what we use for all IPSC, ICORE, Steel Challenge, and 3-Gun events

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