Membership, Dues & Workdays

Membership dues the first year are $300 ($200 annual dues plus a $100 initiation fee), plus tax. Deadline for dues to be paid is December 31. New members will begin as Associate members. Dues will depend on whether you complete a Work Day during the year. A Work Day can be anything from helping with a match on one of the ranges to cutting brush and mowing. The Gun Club has several scheduled work days during the year and the various Divisions schedule workdays for just their range. You are responsible for making arrangements and completing your workday obligation. Gun Club members receive an $80.00 credit each year by completing a Work Day.

With current individual membership, Gun Club members are allowed to invite immediate family to participate with them while on the shooting range. Participation requires no additional fee. Family members must be joined by a current Gun Club member and must shoot from the same firing point.

The Board of Directors implemented revised guidelines (August 2016) as they pertain to new requests to become a Voting Member. The requirements are set out below:

1. Must be a member in good standing for at least three (3) years.

2. Pay a non-refundable fee of $100.00 upon acceptance.

3. Write a letter to the Board outlining past contributions to the club and future plans and goals.

4. Provide a written endorsement or sponsorship from a club official (board member or division chairman).

5. Appear before the Board if requested to do so.

Our goal is to encourage participation in the Oklahoma City Gun Club (OKCGC) by making a concentrated effort to grant voting rights to those who are truly invested in the gun club. We need Voting Members who are willing to give back to the club and invest their time and energies into making the OKCGC the best it can be. We are an allvolunteer organization and it takes dedicated individuals who are willing to step up and give back.

Written requests for becoming a Voting member can either be emailed to: or mailed to: OKCGC, PO Box 32043, Edmond, OK 73003. Requests for Voting Membership will be considered periodically throughout the year. In addition, current Voting Members will be expected to vote in our yearly elections. Beginning with 2017, any Voting members who do not vote in two consecutive elections will be reduced to Associate membership. 


Silver membership has to be requested by a board member for a current gun club member; there is no age requirement - however, in order to be eligible for silver membership you must be UNABLE to perform a work day.  Please keep in mind we have numerous opportunities to do work days that are not physically taxing such as scoring at a match, etc.   It is not based on age, but physical ability and limitations

Spouse membership is available to a spouse of a current member. The spouse must complete the gun club membership application (indicating on form that they are requesting spouse membership) AND attend an orientation session.


  • First Years Dues $209.00
  • Initiation Fee $104.50
  • TOTAL First Years Dues $313.50


  • Associate Members Dues $209.00
  • Voting Members Dues $198.55
  • Silver and Spouse $26.13
  • Credit for Work Day $80.00 (one per year)


  • Associate Member $129.00
  • Voting member $118.55

Note: Dues listed includes tax


December 31 - Dues received after December 31 will be processed as soon as possible but may not be completed by February 1 the following year.


The gate will be changed each year on February 1. Dues must be received by December 31 in order to receive your new card and gate combination by February 1 each year.


Work Days are a great opportunity to volunteer and learn more about each Gun Club Division. If you did a workday and have not been credited for it, do one of two things:

  1. Mail in a COPY of your signed workday card with your check.
      OKCGC Membership
    ​  P.O. Box 32043
      Edmond, OK  73003
  2. Contact the person you did the workday for and ask them to confirm with Membership Chair by EMAIL that you have a workday.

Work Day cards must be turned in to the Gun Club by December 1 of each year in order to receive your $80.00 membership dues credit. Do not call, email, or write the Oklahoma City Gun Club to contact someone to verify that you have completed your workday. It is the member's responsibility to show proof of the workday.

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