An Important Word About Electronic Scoring and Match Results

The migration to electronic scoring has greatly improved the efficiency of our matches and overall accuracy of results since the results are no longer effected by transcribing once scoring is completed at the stage.  Also, there is logic built into the software to catch the most common types of scoring errors and prevent them from being saved.

    …can you feel it coming?  …here it comes… BUT

It is vital that the results are reviewed at the time a stage is shot to insure that the correct information – such as the time – is accurate.  This is a joint responsibility of the RO, scorekeeper, and the shooter.  Once the results are saved and the match moves on, there is no paper trail to catch/correct an error. 

During the match, an error would result in a re-shoot; after the match is over and we’re all sipping a beer at home reviewing results that isn’t possible. 

USPSA rules, including 9.7.5, 9.7.6, and 9.7.7 and 9.11.2 speak to these issues.  In a case such as an obviously impossible time is recorded and a re-shoot is not possible, the only remedy is to zero the shooter’s results.  There is no provision to “take a guess at what it should’ve/might’ve been”.

As a shooter, it’s a good idea to review your stage results with the scorekeeper at the time to shoot the stage to ensure that what is stored reflects what you did.  That is the appropriate place to make corrections or get a reshoot, as appropriate.