GSSF Practice Match Overview

When: Second Saturday of each month
Start Time: 10:00 AM
End Time: 3:00 PM

OKCGC - Action Pistol Range

GSSF style match. It will be set up and run like an outdoor Glock match and will have five divisions, Stock, Unlimited, Rimfire Pistol, Pocket and PCC. The major difference is you can shoot any centerfire pistol OR rimfire pistol you want, as this IS NOT a GSSF sanctioned event. This will be an opportunity to practice for GSSF matches, or just shoot for fun.

Registration opens at 9 AM, shooters meeting at 9:45 AM and the match will start at 10 AM.

Price per entry will be $20 (non member) $15 (member) for first entry and $10 for each additional entry. Round count is not more than 110 rounds each for Stock, Unlimited, Rimfire Pistol, and PCC division. And not more than 70 rounds for the Pocket division.

We follow a strict “COLD” range policy, all firearms are to remain unloaded and stored in one of the following conditions: bagged / holstered (with the slide locked back) / flagged. And handling of firearms is only allowed in the designated Safe Areas or on the firing line under direction of the RO. You may load your mags anywhere except the Safe Area.


  • Stock - unmodified polymer frame striker fired pistol w/Iron Sights
  • Unlimited - Carry Optics, Open, Limited, Rimfire Pistol w/Optic Sights, non-polymer framed Pistol
  • Rimfire Pistol w/Iron Sights
  • Pocket w/Iron Sights
  • PCC

Clarification of divisions will be handled at the time of check in.


  • Glock ‘M
  • 5 to Glock
  • Glock the Plates

Time Plus Match


A side match will be held in order to raise additional funds to offset the costs associated with the annual sanctioned GSSF match. The side match will be a competition of who can shoot the plate rack the fastest in each division. Each person will pay $5 per entry, for each single run in a specific division. And are allowed to pay for as many chances as they want to, but they can only win one division. The times will remain private (between the RO, Score Keeper and Competitor) until all competitors have finished. Each division winner will be awarded half of the total money collected for the division, and must be present to win. The RO and Score Keeper must have all of their entries completed before they run the other competitors.

Information about GSSF:

Contact: Aaron Armentrout

Phone: 405.795.3638