Date To Be Announced: Meet at the club house for some classroom instruction beginning at 9:00 AM followed by practical application (firing) at the range.

The class will be geared around the fundamentals of rifle marksmanship which are applicable to all of the rifle disciplines. Whether you are a deer hunter, a recreational shooter, or are interested in some form of rifle competition, this class will lay the solid groundwork necessary for you to get the most out of your sport.

What to bring:  Participants are encouraged to bring a rifle, a 3x6 piece if carpet for a ground mat, a pair of binoculars or a spotting scope, eye and ear protection, and plenty of ammunition. Firing will be conducted at the 200 yard line, so .22 rimfire is strongly discouraged. The instructor will be bringing along a couple of the club AR-15s and ammo for anyone to shoot who desires to do so.

Gary Stephens will be conducting the course. He is one of the state's High Power Rifle Team coaches and has hundreds of hours to his credit instructing the US Army "Squad Designated Marksman Program". Gary is a Distinguished Rifleman, and holds the NRA High Power classification of Master. He is also one heck of a gunsmith.

For more information about the class contact Gary Stephens,  email.

Those interested in an orientation to High Power Rifle "Across the Course" competition should also plan on attending the "High Power Orientation" to be conducted the following week by Pat Morris.

High Power Division - Basic Rifle Marksmanship Classes