We have scheduled a class geared toward those shooters that are interested in and want to compete but need to learn where to start.  If you recently started and want to learn more and improve your skills, this class will be of benefit to you also.  You do not have to be a member of the OKC Gun Club to participate.

Date to Be Announced:  Introductory classes are held at the OKC Gun Club Clubhouse.  Weather permitting; we will do some range firing after the class.

The objective of this class is to get more people involved in the sport and help the new shooter improve his skills and abilities.  The outline for the class includes courses of fire, equipment and ammunition, positions, scoring and sight adjustments.  There will be people there to demonstrate positions and firing techniques as well as to provide personal assistance and answer questions.

Pat Morris will be teaching the class.  Pat is a former All National Guard Rifle Coach and one of the current coaches for the State Civilian Service Rifle Team.  The people helping Pat with the class all have over 20 years of competitive shooting experience.

If you are not a competitor, or if you are a competitor in another discipline, this will be a good opportunity to get introduced to High Power Rifle competition.

High Power Division - Introduction to High Power Classes