We conduct different prone events on the High Power Rifle range at the club:
  - 3 x 600 Matches
  - Any Rifle Any Sight Matches

All prone courses of fire are conducted in a slow fire format with two sighting shots in a time limit of one minute per shot including sighters. Competitors fire one shot at a time, single loaded, with the target being pulled and marked after each shot.

The 3 x 600 Match is fired in three stages from the 600 yard line.  Competitors fire two sighters and 20 shots for record during each stage in a 22 minute time limit for a total of 600 points.

The 3 x 600 Matches will contribute to a NRA Mid-Range classification. Just a point of information: Long Range starts at 800 yards and beyond.

Any Rifle Any Sight matches are fired at the 600 yard line. This is considered a “fun match” wherein there are no awards.  This match will not count towards your High Power Rifle classification. Just as the name relates, this match can be shot with any caliber rifle (no larger than 35 cal and no muzzle breaks) and any sighting system may be used.  The Any Rifle Any Sight Matches we run are held directly following several of our monthly “Across the Course” matches. See match programs for dates.

In all of our prone matches competitors may participate in one of several divisions:
  - Service Rifle
  - Match Rifle
  - Match Rifle/Optics
  - Palma Rifle (.308/7.62 Nato or 223/5.56 NATO)
  - F-Class

The first three divisions are fired with arms as described by NRA standards from the prone unsupported position (sling only, no rests).  F-Class is fired with most any rifle (no more than .30 caliber except in Any/Any Matches) with a bipod or forward rest and a rear rest if desired. One piece rests are unauthorized as are rail guns.

Because of the distances involved, competitors are cautioned to use only rifles and bullets capable of stable flight over said distances. The 55gr .223 bullet’s use is unauthorized at distanced beyond 400 yards.

What you need to get started:
  - A Center fire rifle of not more than 30/35 caliber, muzzle breaks are not authorized.
  - Binoculars or a spotting scope to evaluate sighting shots and scoring targets from the firing line.
  - A 3x6ft piece of carpet or shooting mat to protect you from the goat heads and burrs as well as wet grass.
  - A rifle sling is recommended to assist in building a strong position.
  - A bipod or rest system for F-Class (if desired)
  - A field jacket or shooting jacket to provide stability and to allow a tight sling use.
  - Eye and ear protection (per the OKCGC rules).

Registration for these matches is listed on the individual match programs.

We look forward to seeing you at our Prone Rifle matches. Bring a friend!​

High Power Division - Prone Match Basics