We offer five different prone matches on the High Power Rifle range at the club:

  • 3 x 600yd and 3x1000yd Matches
  • Any Rifle / Any Sight Matches
  • Fullbore Matches
  • Palma Matches
  • AR-Tactical Matches

All prone courses of fire are conducted in a slow fire format with sighting shots and record shots fired in a time limit of 1 minute or 45 seconds per shot depending on the match. Competitors fire one shot at a time, single loaded, with the target being marked after each shot. Though not rapid fire events, prone shooting beyond a couple of hundred yards can be very challenging and rewarding. Below is a short description of our prone matches.

The “3 x 600/3x1000” Matches are fired in three stages from the 600 or 1000 yard line.  At the 600, competitors fire two sighters and 20 shots for record during each stage in a 22 minute time limit for a total of 600 points. The 1000yd matches allow unlimited sighting shots each string, and 20 shots for record in a time limit of 25 minutes for a total of 600 points. These matches contribute to a NRA or CMP Mid-Range or Long Range classification. Just a point of information: Long Range starts at 800 yards.

“Any Rifle / Any Sight” matches are also fired at the 600 and 1000 yard lins. These are considered “fun” matches or “club” matches, not counting towards a classification. Just as the name relates, this match can be shot with any caliber rifle (no larger than 35 cal and no muzzle breaks) and any sighting system may be used.  The Any Rifle / Any Sight Matches we run are shot following a few of our matches. See match programs for dates.

“Fullbore” matches are fired from four different firing lines, so shooters must change their zeros as they move back. We start out at the 300yd line, move to the 600 then the 900 and finishing up at the 1000. Fullbore matches are shot “two to a mound”, which means that two competitors shoot at the same target, alternating shots as they go, with a time limit of 45 seconds to shoot each shot following the last opponent’s shot. It’s pretty exciting and forces competitors to make a wind call and shoot rather than waiting for a favorable condition (wind speed and direction has a big impact on bullet drift). Fullbore has its own NRA classification system.

“Palma” matches (covered under NRA Fullbore rules) are long range matches fired in 15 record shot strings from the 800, 900, and 1000yd lines. Competitors get unlimited sighters at the 800 then two each at the 900 and 1000yd lines. These matches contribute to an NRA Long Range classification.

Our “AR-Tactical” matches are fired at the 300yd line. These club matches are well suited for beginners but even at 300yds the target can be tough. Rules dictate that the AR platform with any caliber may be used but limits barrel length to 20”. The rifle may be rested on a backpack or bipod for this match but because this is a “club match” we’ll let shooters get away with just about anything – we want to get people shooting! That means you can shoot just about any rifle using just about any rest. Check with the match director if you have any questions.

In all our prone matches competitors may participate in one of several divisions:
  - Service Rifle
  - Match Rifle
  - Match Rifle/Optics
  - Palma Rifle (.308/7.62 NATO or 223/5.56 NATO)
  - F-Class (Open or Target Rife)
  - AR-Tactical

The first four divisions are fired with arms as described by NRA standards from the prone unsupported position (sling only, no rests).  F-Class is fired with most any rifle (no more than .35 caliber) with a bipod or forward rest and a rear rest if desired. One piece rests are unauthorized for competition as are rail guns.

Because of the distances involved, competitors are cautioned to use only rifles and bullets capable of stable flight over said distances. The 55gr or 63gr 223 bullet and the 7.62x39 aren’t authorized beyond 300yds. In addition to this our electronic targets will not register subsonic hits so keep this in mind – not a big issue with most calibers at 600yds, but be sure to check your ballistics data before 1000yd shooting.

What you need to get started:
  - A Center fire rifle of not more than 35 caliber, muzzle brakes are not authorized during matches.
  - A smart device capable of WiFi to interface with our electronic target system.
  - A 3x6ft piece of carpet or shooting mat to protect you from the goat heads and burrs as well as wet grass.
  - A rifle sling is recommended to assist in building a strong position.
  - A bipod or rest system for F-Class and AR-Tactical
  - A field jacket or shooting jacket to provide stability and to allow a tight sling use.
  - Eye and ear protection (per the OKCGC rules).

Registration for these matches is listed on the individual match programs. Click on any of the buttons to the left of our web page for more information and match programs. We look forward to seeing you – bring a friend! We’ll provide plenty of help to get you started.

High Power Division - Prone Match Basics