Because of numerous safety considerations, the OKCGC High Power Rifle range requires a range specific orientation before members may use the range unsupervised.

The orientation is broken down into three parts: 600yd Range Orientation, 1000yd Range Orientation, and 1000yd Range Certification. Each is explained below:

600yd range orientation: This is the original orientation process of explaining the range rules, and the process of opening and closing the 600yd range.  Members are provided with the practice shed combination and are trained to operate the 600yd target carrier system and the ShotMarker electronic target system. (30 minutes).  

1000yd range orientation: This training covers the process of opening the 1000yd range (which starts with opening the 600yd range), operating the steel targets, and operating the ShotMarker system. Members are provided the combination to the locks to the 1000yd gate, steel targets, and 1000yd target storage container but must also meet the 1000yd Qualification requirements. (20 minutes)

1000yd “Certification”: In this portion of the training, members will establish a 600yd zero, then determine an elevation adjustment to get to 1000. The member will then make the adjustment on their scope or sights and shoot, while the High Power representative spots their shots, and provides coaching to get them on target. This isn’t so much a “qualification” as it is training and a “safety check”. We need to make sure members understand the mechanics of sight adjustment, the implications of wind conditions, and the art of calling and spotting shots. This portion of the orientation process may be omitted if the member can show proof of an NRA, or CMP mid-range or long range classification. (20 minutes)

Unclassified members should be able to ‘certify’ with less than 20 rounds but it might be a good idea to bring more. Match grade ammunition works best, while some hunting ammo just won’t make the cut. The HP division’s focus is safety and training. As simple as it sounds, we must make sure members understand how to put the requisite elevation zero on their rifles, spot shots, and make corrections.  Members should show up with at least a 200yd zero on their rifles. They must also bring all the other gear necessary for them to set up for a long shot (rests, bags, shooting jacket, sling, spotting scope, etc.), and a smartphone or tablet to interface with the ShotMarker system. Muzzle breaks are authorized but discouraged.

The High Power Division will offer a couple of “Orientation Events” each year (see our schedule of events) and we will conduct orientations after each match with the exception of our GSM and AR-Tactical matches. Coordinate your attendance with the match director prior to the match – You will find contact information on our match programs.

We will meet behind the 600/1000yd firing line of the High Power range for the orientations.​

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Highpower Range Orientation & 1000yd Certification