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Range location: Three miles north of Arcadia, OK, on Anderson Rd. At the corner of Anderson Rd. and Sorghum Mill Rd., turn east and enter the gate to the property. Proceed east to the club house.

From the North, use I-35 exit #146 (Waterloo Rd.); 5 ½ miles east to Anderson Rd;  1 mile south to Sorghum Mill Rd east to gate. 

From the South, use I-35 exit #141 (Rte 66); east on 66 to Westminister Rd; north on Westminister to Coffee Creek; east on Coffee Creek to Anderson Rd; north on Anderson to Sorghum Mill.

Rules: Current NRA & CMP rules will govern unless noted on the official program. It is the competitor’s responsibility to be familiar with NRA rules, CMP rules and this program. No classification system will be used; the only categories will be M1 Garand, 1903 / 1903A3 Springfield, Vintage military bolt action rifles of the US and other nations, AR15 (optics allowed) and Modern Military Rifle.

Rifles to be used: As issued US M1 Garand or commercial equivalent in caliber 30-06, US 1903 Springfield, 1903 Modified, 1903A3 in caliber 30-06, as-issued bolt action military rifles of any nation provided the bullet diameter does not exceed .35 inches, AR-15 and Modern Military Rifle.  Optical sighting devises will be allowed on AR15-typre rifles only. No National Match (NM) parts, shims, or artificial bedding, are to be allowed. 

Ammunition: Any safe ammunition assembled by the competitor; any new production or surplus ammunition purchased by the competitor. No incendiary, armor piercing, or tracer ammunition is to be used.  All ammunition is to be provided by the competitors. There will be no issue of 30-06 ammunition to the competitors.

Entries: Open to any individual.

Entry fees: $10.00 | Junior entry: FREE | No challenge fee

Schedule: Matches begin after the Across the Course Match approximately 1:00 PM

The 300 point course of fire will be conducted at the range of 200 yards on the NRA SR target.

Stage #1: Prone slow fire, 5 sighting shots and 10 shots for record, 15 minutes

Stage #2: Prone rapid fire from standing, 10 shots in 80 seconds.

Stage #3: Standing slow fire, 10 shots, 10 minutes.

Awards: Based on ½ of entry fees received. The top 10% of shooters in each category (M1 Garand, 1903 / 1903A3, Vintage Military, AR15 and Modern Military Rifle) will receive awards. Categories may be combined if there are fewer than five participants in that category.

Competitors will be required to perform score keeping duties and operate targets.

If you have further questions, contact Division co-chairs Jerry Penn at or Curt Bohleman at

High Power - Special Vintage Rifle & Modern Rifle Matches