ICORE Overview

ICORE, (International Confederation of Revolver Enthusiasts), is an action shooting competition where the equipment and course design rules are specifically written for revolver shooters.

Courses of fire include drawing from your holster, reloading, and movement. In this regard it is much like USPSA competition. The principle differences are that the equipment is limited to revolvers of 32 magnum calibers or larger and that all courses must be designed to be six rounds neutral. We use the NRA D-1 target, as well as steel, and a time plus scoring method that is somewhat simpler than IPSC scoring and places a greater emphasis on accuracy.

To compete you will need a revolver in safe condition of the proper caliber, a secure holster that will cover the trigger, and at least 4 speed loaders. Some of the longer field courses will push this limit so it is sometimes handy to have some extras. You will need hearing and eye protection. Most matches can be done with about three boxes of ammo (150 rounds).

First time shooters pay no match fee and arriving early to help set up earns you a match fee discount. Spectators are always welcome, but the game is more fun to play than watch. Setup starts at 7:30am on match day. Sign in starts at 9:30am and shooting starts at 10:00am . The match is scored while the stages are broken down and put away and awards/recognition occurs immediately thereafter.

For an ICORE flyer in pdf format, click here.

For Information, contact Chris Gober:
  Phone: 405-820-2163
  email: c.a.gober@hotmail.com

See you at the range!