Contact: Chuck Abston
Phone: 405.812.8223

Location: Black Powder Range & 4 Southernmost Cowboy Action Bays


NRA Action Pistol shooting is one of the safest type of pistol competitions in that shooting is done from stationary positions under time limits rather than moving through a course of fire. This is a great way to introduce junior and new shooters to the action pistol sport.

The firearms used in these events are the same as USPSA,IPSC, ICORE or the Steel Challenge.  Whatever pistol you have 22 rimfire or 9mm and larger can be used in the NRA Action Pistol games, (no magnums) bring what you have and we will figure out what division you will shoot in.

This type of shooting is done under time limits. For instance, The Mover moves across the range at ten feet a second and the competitor draws while standing in a shooting box and shoots six rounds at the ten and fifteen yard distances in six seconds, both directions. At the twenty and twenty five yard line you shoot three rounds in six seconds. We also shoot the Steel Plates, the Barricade and the Practical events, the same events that are shot at the Bianchi Cup in Columbia, Mo.

A brief description is below:

The Practical Event: From the appropriate shooting line, the shooter fires at distances from 10 yards to 50 yards under varying time limits.

The Barricade Event: From within shooting boxes and behind barricades, a shooter fires at targets on either side of the barricade at different distances and under varying time limits.

The Falling Plate Event: From the appropriate shooting line, the shooter fires at 8-inch round, steel plates arranged in banks of six at distances from 10 to 25 yards under varying time limits.

Practice and matches are open to the public. You do not need to be a member of the NRA or the Oklahoma City Gun Club to shoot in these events. Cost for the Practice event is $5.00 for everyone and the cost for matches is $10.00 for club members and $15.00 for non members. First time shooters pay no fees for an event. So come and have some fun with us, we would be glad to have you.

See Bianchi Cup on YouTube or USA Shooting for more information on the four events that we shoot.

NRA Action Pistol Division