General Information:

Attention Plinking Range users:  There is a safety issue with regard to use of the plinking range that has come to our attention.  As constructed and as intended to be used, the plinking range is safe and all bullets are properly contained within the berm.  Apparently there have been some cases where shots have been fired that impact the ground well in front of the plate racks -- possibly shooting at targets that have been placed on the ground. 

It is very important that absolutely no targets be placed directly on the ground.  When the bullets impact the ground at such an angle they could ricochet and leave the bay.  For safety reasons, all shots must impact the berm.

Please observe the posted rules for use of the plinking range and only engage the plate racks when using this range.

Range Rules

Shoot at the steel plate targets only as marked:

  • ONLY .22 Rimfire may be used on the left range
  • Centerfire pistols may be shot on the 2 center ranges
  • Magnum pistols may only be be shot on the right range

Do not shoot cover over targets.

Pickup your trash.

No centerfire .22’s are to be used on plinking range

Shoot only from behind the firing line benches

No centerfire rifle rounds are to be used on the plinking range

For questions, or to report broken targets, notify Marc McCormick​


  phone: 405-749-6952

Enjoy yourself and be safe!

Plinking Range