Adopted February 1971, Revised November 2011 These rules supplement the standard NRA Safety Rules that cover safety with firearms. Additional rules pertaining to each specific range will supplement these and the standard NRA rules.

1. This range and the associated facilities are for the use of OKLAHOMA CITY GUN CLUB members and their guests only. Members will wear their membership badges at all times while at the range. If you loose your membership badge, there is a $25.00 replacement fee. To request a replacement, mail a check to:

     OKCGC Membership - Carey Pribil
     P.O. Box 32043
​     Edmond, OK  73003

2. Each person shooting on these ranges must familiarize themselves with NRA Safety Rules, these General Rules, and the specific rules posted at the firing line of each range. There are four (4) classes of membership: Associate, Voting, Silver, and Spouse. Badges include:

  1. White Club Official
  2. Red Associate, Silver, and Spouse
  3. Blue Voting Member


  • Members my bring not more than two (2) guests to shoot at the range at any one time, except for members of his immediate family.
  • A guest may not shoot on the range more than five (5) times per calendar year. Guests under the age of 18 are exempt from this rule.
  • Guests must shoot from the same bench or firing point as their host.
  • Guests must obey the rules of the Club, and their safe and courteous conduct is the responsibility of the host member.
  • Guest must be accompanied by their host at all times.

4. Gates are to be kept closed and locked at all times except during scheduled shooting events. Lock combinations will not be divulged to non-members. All gates have the same combination. The Gun Club is "member only" but there are a lot of competition shoots open to non-members. If a lock is not there then a chairman of a competition has it with him.

5. When two or more persons are firing on any range, one must act as the Range Safety Officer. Each individual is responsible for the safe handling of his firearms.

6. Each range is to be used only for the purpose for which it is constructed.

  • All plinking shall be conducted at the Plinking Range. (NO .22 cal CENTER FIRE!)
  • All informal rifle shooting is to be conducted at the Benchrest Range.
  • All shots fired on any range must impact the earth backstop.

7. No guest under the age of eighteen (18) may shoot on any club range unless accompanied by an adult member who is present on the firing line.

8. Each member is responsible for acquainting himself with the location of all Club ranges and danger zones. He must familiarize their guests with these locations. Do not wander from established range, parking, and road area. No one is allowed off the beaten path. There is no hunting or hiking allowed.

9. All motor vehicles will be operated only on the Club roads and shall be parked only in designated parking areas.

10. All members shall police their firing points and target areas and deposit trash in the trash barrels. Please leave the range in better condition than you found it.

11. In the interest of safety, there will be NO HUNTING on Club property.

12. Violation of any Club rules, irresponsible behavior, or destruction of any OKLAHOMA CITY GUN CLUB property could result in disciplinary action and possible expulsion from the OKLAHOMA CITY GUN CLUB.

13. There will be NO FIRING OF FULLY AUTOMATIC WEAPONSon the range by ANYONE at any time.

14. No .50BMG (Browning Machine Gun) or equivalent is allowed.

15. All firing shall cease at sundown. No firing by any kind of artificial light.

16. NO ALCOHOLon the firing line or while you are shooting. 

17. Tracer rounds or any type of incendiary ammunition is strictly prohibited.

General Rules of Conduct