Based on the increased risk of Covid-19 the following changes will be implemented immediately at the shotgun range:

  • The fields will remain open for shooters at your own risk.
  • Range Masters, at their discretion, may or may not be available on Saturday and Sunday’s.
  • If you bring food or drinks to the range do not leave the trash in the club houses. Take it to the dumpsters.

The following events have been canceled:

  • Chicks
  • Spring Trap League
  • Spring Skeet League
  • Redbud Skeet Tournament
  • All 4-H activities thru April

Summer Skeet League is tentatively scheduled to start on July 7, everyone will need to re-register with Buck.

At the end of April we will reevaluate the situation, if you have any questions please email me or leave me a text message.


Scott Parks

Shotgun Updates for Covid-19