The AR Steel Plate Challenge match takes place March through September on the last Saturday of each month at 8:30 AM on the Silhouette range. As always, with any match on our range, be sure to check event calendar on our web page at for any date changes.

This match is for the average club member to have fun with his or her AR-15 & the main rules are, as stated below is safety both while on the line or behind the line. You do not have to be a club member to shoot this match, so you can bring a guest. Safety chamber flags are a must & are provided. Bring your own eye & ear protection.

If you plan on shooting all three events, (20 rounds each) including practice rounds you will need 85-to-100 rounds.

Any caliber on the AR platform is legal. No magnum rifle calibers are allowed on the silhouette range.

You are allowed practice rounds before each event before shooting for score.

The steel plates are left up on the range at all times at all distances so club members can practice on off-match dates, just be sure that you do not shoot at any silhouette targets while using the silhouette range. Range rules are posted above the sign-in box left of the silhouette clubhouse door.

You are required to sign-in anytime you use the silhouette range facility.

Contact Division Director above, if you have any questions.


  1. Safety is the number one concern while competing in this match.
  2. Eye and ear protection is required to compete in this match.
  3. Upon completion of your course of Fire, and Before Leaving Your Shooting Position, Magazines Out, Safety Flags in Chamber. We provide safety flags.
  4. No Armor-Piercing Bullets Allowed on the Silhouette Range, regular FMJ OK.
  5. Do Not Shoot at Any Silhouette Targets Either During the Match or While Practicing on This Range. Shoot at Swinging Steel Plates Only!!!!!
  6. Pick Up Your Brass Immediately After Completing Course of Fire. We provide a brass catcher. ​


  1. This is a 20-Round Match - Five (5) Shots Are Fired on Steel Plates at Each Distance. Club members as well as non-club members may shoot in this match.
  2. There are three courses of fire, with 5 shots fired on steel plates at each distance for a total of 20 rounds on each course (1) SHORT COURSE - 100 meters, 150 meters & 300 meters. (2) LONG COURSE - 200 meters, 300 meters, 400 meters & 500 meters. (3) SPEED EVENT - 20 rounds shot on the short course of fire, within a one minute, (60 second) time frame. All ties will be shot off.
  3. Entry Fees Are $10.00 Per Entry There is no additional charge if you shoot the 20-round speed event providing you shoot both the short range course & long range course. You May Shoot a Re-entry for $5.00 After Everyone Has Completed Their Course of Fire, But This Score is Not Counted in the Match. Please Mark Reentry on Your Scorecard.
  4. You Shoot Off a Bench With Supplied Front Rest or if You Prefer & Your Rifle Is Equipped With a bi-Pod You May Use It. You may also shoot in the prone position on a shooting mat if you like.
  5. You Are Allowed a Spotter to Score Your Hits - X=Hit 0=Miss
  6. This is a Elapsed Time Event Your Time For 20-Rounds Will Be Recorded by a Designated Person With a Very Accurate PACT Timer
  7. Please Note; Tie scores Will Be Broken by Shooters Total Elapsed Time Score. Example: Two Shooters Tie with a score of 15x20, Shortest Elapsed Time Determines the Winner. If a Tie Still Remains, a Shoot-off Will Then Take Place Between Competitors. NOTE: You Have a Limit of Four (4) Minutes to Fire Twenty (20) Rounds; Any Late Shot Will Not Count.
  8. Sign Your Scorecard After Completing Your Course of Fire, Once You Sign it, You Are Responsible For Any Mistakes.
  9. If Your Gun Malfunctions During Course of Fire & You Can't Resolve the Problem Within a Reasonable Amount Time, Safety Flag in Magazine Out!!!  
  10. Make Sure You Fill Out Your Score-Card Correctly From Top to Bottom
  11. This Match is Designed to Have Fun With Your AR, So Please Abide by the Rules Set Forth, So We Can Continue Shooting This Match. We Will Shoot the Last Saturday of Each Month, March thru September, Starting at 9:00 am, you may go to our web site, & check the event calendar for exact dates.
  12. A new event will be a 20-round speed event where you will have one minute to fire 20 rounds on steel plates from 100 meters, out to 300 meters; 5 rounds on each plate. There is no charge for this match providing you have paid for two other matches. 

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