Silhouette - Air Rifle Silhouette (High Plains Air Gun Metal Silhouette)

A new shooting discipline has begun at the OKC Gun Club -- Air Rifle Silhouette matches.  This exciting sport models other silhouette matches but all done with air rifles; depending on the specific division that includes rams out to 500 meters.

Where: Silhouette Range
When: Last Sunday of the month March through November
Registration: 8 AM
Match Start: 8:30 AM

Cost: $10.00

Shooting distances for small-bore, 25 to 100 yards, & distances for big-bore, 50 meters to 200 meters. AIR rifle calibers, small-bore, .22- 25- .30 (pellets) & big-bore, .308 to .50. Four (4) disciplines. All are 40 round matches.

Big Bore rifles: .308-.357-.45 & .50 caliber are to be fired on big bore targets. This discipline is about knocking down heavy steel targets, therefore there is no limit to foot-pounds of energy, either in big bore or small bore. This is a 40-round match shot in this order: (10 rams, 200 meters) (10 turkeys, 150 meters) (10 pigs, 100 meters) (10 chickens, 50 meters. Please Note: The chickens at 50 meters, your last 10 targets, are to be shot in the standing position. All other targets are shot in the freestyle position.

​Smallbore Air rifles: .22-.25 & .30 calibers (.30 caliber are pellets only) are to be fired on the smallbore targets in this order, starting on west end of firing line. (10 rams, 100 yards) (10 turkeys, 75 yards) (10 pigs, 50 yards) & (10 chickens, 25 yards) Note: On your last ten targets, 10 chickens at 25 yards, will be shot in the standing position. All other targets are shot in the sitting or freestyle position​

Air Rifle Rulebook >

This sport is evolving quickly. This August we will hold the inaugural High Plains AIR Rifle Metallic Silhouette National Championship hosted by the Oklahoma City Gun Club.

ALWAYS check the online calendar for changes and updates

For questions or contact info call Steve Gerot at 816-351-0573 or Jim Fields 405-203-1268.