Muzzleloader Silhouette - An Overview

The Muzzleloader Silhouette matches are for a period flint lock or percussion rifle shooting a lead round balls.  Barrel sights only, no peep or scopes. 

We shoot off hand (standing) at steel targets -- Chickens - 40 yards, Pigs - 50 yards, Turkeys - 75 yards and the Rams - 100 yards.  Five (5) animals each for a possible 20 points.  So you get to hit and watch the animals fall!

We shoot at the Silhouette range the 2nd Saturday of the month, starting in April through November, starting at 9am.  Cost is $5

ALWAYS check the online calendar for updates

It is really a lot of fun shooting these old rifles!

If you need any more information please call us.

Al Shackelford: 405-655-1874
Bryan Shackelford: 405-922-9164