Building an AR Rifle Class

Modern Sporting Rifles is a term used to describe today’s very popular semi-automatic rifle designs, including the AR-15 and similar variants. The modular nature of the platform allows it to be configured for various applications and body types. The platform is reliable, accurate and operator-friendly for recreational target shooting, hunting, and for self-defense purposes. The AR-15 platform rifles are among the most popular firearms sold today. As such, owners like to be able to customize the firearm to suit their lawful needs.

The training division will be offering classes for individuals who would like to learn more about building or customizing their AR style firearm under the directions of knowledgeable instructors.

Students will need to provide their own rifle parts and tools. Some tools, like vises will be available for each class session.

See here for some suggestions from Midway USA on how to build an AR-15 rifle.

This class is limited to 10 students. Pre-Registration is required

Cost is $25 per session or $80 for all 4 sessions:

Sunday, April 23, 5pm to 9 pm - Build Your Upper Receiver

Sunday, April 30, 5pm to 9pm - Build Your Lower Receiver,

Sunday, May 7, 5pm to 9pm - Troubleshoot the AR

Sunday, May 14, 5pm to 9pm - Upgrade and Modify the AR

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