The successful completion of this eight-hour course provides the participant with handgun safety instruction and pertinent Oklahoma law training from state certified gun safety instructor(s), which meets the requirements to apply for an Oklahoma Handgun License. The participant will learn to safely handle and shoot their handguns and will be familiar with pertinent Oklahoma Self-Defense laws. The successful completion of this course is achieved when the participant has completed all practical tasks and exercises to the satisfaction of the instructor(s) and a score of 70% or higher on a multiple-choice exam.

Oklahoma now has Constitutional Carry, which does not require an eligible individual to have a handgun license to carry open or concealed handguns within the state.  However, you can still go through the process to obtain a license. Oklahoma has reciprocal agreements with other states that recognize Oklahoma’s handgun license. If you choose not to get a license in Oklahoma and you travel to a state that requires a license to carry open or concealed, then you are subject to the laws of that state. 

This course is limited to 10 students. We have several Glock handguns in .22 LR and 9mm, which are available for students to use in our training classes. These are on a first come basis. Students will need to provide their own ammunition.

Cost is $60.  Pre-Registration is required.  There will also be a waiting list available for class slots.

​Course Dates: Jan 17 | Feb 4 | Apr 6 | Jun 8 | Aug 3 | Oct 5 | Dec 8

Contact the Training Division Team at

Kemit Grafton
Jim Durham
Jamie Meyer405-613-6541

Oklahoma Self-Defense Act (SDA)/ Handgun License Training