This three-hour course is for the beginning shooter as well as anyone who would like to learn the fundamentals of shooting a handgun safely from NRA Certified Instructor(s). The course will provide a safe and comfortable environment for shooters to learn fundamental handgun shooting skills, safe handgun handling, storage of handguns, and transporting handguns. The course will cover fundamental shooting skills including efficient administrative handling of a handgun, proper grip and stance, use of sights, and trigger control. After completion of this course, the student should realize an increase comfort in handling and shooting a handgun.

The course includes live fire training where students will learn shooting fundamentals and range safety rules with personal coaching from experienced instructors/coaches.  Students will also learn basic cleaning of a handgun and additional training opportunities.​

This course is limited to 10 students.  Cost is $20.  Pre-Registration is required.  There will also be a waiting list available for class slots.

​Course Dates:  Jan 22 | Feb 26 | Mar 26 | Apr 23 | May 28 | Jun 25 | Aug 1 | Aug 27 | Oct 3 

Contact the Training Division Team at

Jodi Burr
Kemit Grafton
Jim Durham

Cover Your Basics - Handgun