Saturday June 25 9am- 3pm

This training course will be a mixture of classroom lecture, demonstration and live fire practice.

Students will learn the 4-step process on how to draw from a holster as well as how to safely re-holster their firearm. The students will then build on these newly acquired holster skills and learn how to get effective hits on target in a timely manner. This class is designed for beginners that are just learning the basic steps and will be taught by a very experienced female instructor.

Prior to taking this class you should have already participated in some form of basic training in firearms safety and marksmanship. The "Cover Your Basics" class taught at OKCGC does qualify you to take this class or if you have an SDA License. If you have not taken a basic handgun safety class, need a refresher or are unsure of your skills, please reach out to Jamie ahead of time and she can set up a one-on-one lesson to get you up to speed.

Items needed for class:

  • Safe, reliable handgun (semi-auto)
  • At least 2 magazines (if you have magazine pouches bring them)
  • Non-collapsing holster made specifically for your firearm (no serpa style holsters allowed) *If you are unsure if your holster is acceptable please contact Jamie*
  • Proper eye and ear protection
  • Brimmed hat/visor
  • 50-100 rounds of ammunition

Tips for what to wear at the range:

  • A sturdy belt that will support the weight of the firearm
  • Long pants (no shorts)
  • Closed toed shoes (no sandals allowed)
  • Button up polo style shirt or high collar (no low cut blouses)

Tips for everything else:

  • Pack a lunch (we will be breaking for lunch at the range but you will be eating in the classroom. We do have a refrigerator that you may use.
  • Pack plenty of drinks, water, snacks and whatever else you may need and please remember that this is an outdoor range - so be sure to HYDRATE!!
  • Sunblock
  • Neck towel to help keep you cool
  • Lawn chair

How to arrive for class:

  • Absolutely NO unsupervised gun handling
  • Absolutely NO live ammunition allowed in the classroom - please leave it in your car.
  • Please bring you UNLOADED handgun still in the case or in a range bag into the classroom with you. *If your gun is already in the holster on your body (loaded or unloaded), leave it there but please let Jamie know as soon as you get there and she will instruct you on what to do next.
  • Please do not handle the firearm anywhere on OKCGC property without being under the direct supervision of an instructor.

If you have any questions or need loaner gear please be sure to contact Jamie directly. Pre-registration is required for this class and seating is limited to 12 students.

Cost is $50 for OKC Gun Club members, $75 for non-members

** $25 Facility Fee is due at the time of class for non-members – cash only

Instructor Contact:

Jamie Meyer (405) 613-6541

Register here:

Saturday June 25 9am- 3pm


Contact the Training Division Team at

Jodi Burr
Kemit Grafton
Jim Durham

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