This eight-hour course provides the National Rifle Association (NRA) basic Range Safety Officer training. This course teaches the basic duties that a Range Safety Officer performs. It provides a thorough introduction to: the role of Range Safety Offices (RSO); range Standard Operating Procedures (SOPs); range safety briefing; range inspections and rules; emergency procedure; and how to clear firearm stoppages and correct malfunctions. NRA certified Chief Range Safety Officers (CRSO) provide this training.

The training uses the methodology of Total Participant Involvement (TPI), which minimizes the use of lectures and stresses active training and learning by doing. Instructors will guide participants to develop specific knowledge skills, and attitudes though the use of hands-on exercises and practical applications.

The successful completion of this course is achieved when the participant has completed all practical tasks and exercises to the satisfaction of the instructor(s) and a score of 90% or higher on a multiple-choice exam.  

This course is limited to 20 students.  Cost is $60.  Pre-Registration is required.  There will also be a waiting list available for class slots.

​Course Dates:  Apr 13 | Aug 17

Contact the Training Division Team at

Kemit Grafton
Jim Durham
Jamie Meyer405-613-6541

NRA Range Safety Officer