Were pleased to announce West Benchrest is officially open. Due to the limited width we had to work with, 8 shooting benches have been provided for 150-yards and 100-yards. The 50-yard target line only has 7 shooting benches starting with bench 2. Steels have been installed at the 150-yard target line and a 25-yard scope sighting target has been provided for bench 1. All targets are the same color for each shooting lane and all target holders and benches are marked with their corresponding number. Handicapped parking has been provided on both ranges, though not marked as of yet, these parking areas should be reserved for those who require special access.

Thanks to all the volunteers who braved the heat to get old (East) Benchrest back up and running and making new (West) Benchrest operational once the dirt work was completed. In the coming weeks we will be ordering more steel to hang up at 300 yards on East Benchrest and possibly add a few more steels at West Benchrest.

We are officially out of the target frame building business and, in the future, we will convert all wooden post to the new target hanger design. Two ranges means there will be much more flexibility, but it also means more maintenance. Please continue to support the OKCGC by volunteering and doing your part to make our Gun Club one of the top shooting facilities in the nation.  


Except for scheduled matches and times that are reserved for specific uses such as the military [Guard and Reserves] and the OKCPD [Sniper Team] training to accomplish their Homeland Security commitment, the range is open to all for independent free style use for members and guests. 

The Benchrest Range distances include 50 yds, 100 yds, 200 yds, and 300 yds. 

All scheduled matches are "open matches".  Be sure to check the Club Calendar for times.  Rules for use of the range are posted at the range; be sure to review them.  
NOTE:  The Benchrest Range has posted a slug-only rule for shotguns!  If you want to pattern your shotgun, there are facilities available at the Shotgun Range!

Benchrest Match Schedule

Match Schedule

Match Director
Fellowship match:
Every Friday morning 8:00 AM April through November, weather permitting.  .22 rimfire rifle competition, informal.

Lindell Canary


Tactical 22. LR
Every Friday morning following the Fellowship Match, April through November.

Lindell Canary

Iron Sight Match:
Every Friday morning following the .22 Tactical match, April through November. .22 rimfire rifle, no scopes allowed, Informal.

Lindell Canary

Military Bolt Action Match:
Matches are held the 1st Saturday of every month, year round. First rounds downrange at 9am. Period military centerfire rifle competition, formal, sanctioned.

Paul Heckler




Additional information regarding Military Bolt Action Matches, here

There's something for almost everyone!!!  Come on out!!!!

David Tonne
Phone: 918-521-8572
email: benchrest@okcgunclub.org

Benchrest Division