Benchrest Range Updates:

We are finishing up our repairs to the benchrest range and we will soon begin the construction of an additional benchrest range where the old plinking range was located. We will make any needed enhancements to the east and west berms, remove the old plinking targets and cover and push the rear berm back to 100 yards, and install new shooting benches.

This new benchrest range will function as a separate range and operate independently from the existing range. This means when we have a competitive event at one range the other range could still be open for members to use. In addition, we expect we can get an approximate 50% increase in capacity out to 100 yards. We find the greatest % of people really don’t shoot that much past 100 yards. By adding more 100-yard shooting positions we can help alleviate some of the congestion on our most heavily used range.


Except for scheduled matches and times that are reserved for specific uses such as the military [Guard and Reserves] and the OKCPD [Sniper Team] training to accomplish their Homeland Security commitment, the range is open to all for independent free style use for members and guests. 

The Benchrest Range distances include 50 yds, 100 yds, 200 yds, and 300 yds. 

All scheduled matches are "open matches".  Be sure to check the Club Calendar for times.  Rules for use of the range are posted at the range; be sure to review them.  
NOTE:  The Benchrest Range has posted a slug-only rule for shotguns!  If you want to pattern your shotgun, there are facilities available at the Shotgun Range!

Benchrest Match Schedule

Match Schedule

Match Director
Fellowship match:
Every Friday morning 8:00 AM April through November, weather permitting.  .22 rimfire rifle competition, informal.

Bob Dumont


Tactical 22. LR
Every Friday morning following the Fellowship Match, April through November.

Dave Johnson


Iron Sight Match:
Every Friday morning following the .22 Tactical match, April through November. .22 rimfire rifle, no scopes allowed, Informal.

John Imes


Military Bolt Action Match:
As of April, matches are held on the 4th Saturday of every month starting at 9am year round. Period military centerfire rifle competition, formal, sanctioned.

Paul Heckler




Additional information regarding Military Bolt Action Matches, here

Benchrest Range Rules 

  • Safety is the most important thing! “Cease Fire”means NO gun will be fired until the problem has been cleared up and range has been opened.
  • Read and obey the rules posted at the Benchrest Range.
  • Common sense should rule all or your actions. There is no room for horseplay.
  • All rounds should go through the target backers and into the earthen berms.
  • No shots are to be shot into the air or unaimed such as shooting from the hip.
  • Shoot only at the targets in your lane. Never fire across the range.
  • If you need to go down range to check or remove targets, check with everyone first. Don’t shout, “I am going down range,”and take off. Most people won’t be able to hear you and some may be firing a string checking their loads for accuracy, etc.
  • When going down range, the Range Officer will make sure that all guns are cleared with the bolt open and magazines removed and in the rack before shouting the range is closed.
  • No guns will be handled while anyone is downrange.
  • The Range Officer will make certain that everyone is back at the benchrest area before announcing that the range is open or that you can commence firing.
  • Never use the term, “Fire in the hole.” That term is used by those working with explosives and we are not digging holes or throwing grenades on the Benchrest Range. Rambo movies are not training films.
  • Do not handle anyone elses gun without permission. If you want to look, most would be more than happy to let you handle their gun as it gives them a chance to brag about their equipment. Always ask first.
  • Do not bring your dog to the range.
  • The Benchrest Range is used by almost every Gun Club member. The range is open for general shooting anytime from sun up to sun down except when there is a scheduled match.
  • No prone shooting (laying down) at the Benchrest Range.
  • No shooting from in front of the benches.
  • Absolutely no paint ball guns.
  • There is no smoking on the Benchrest line. Go to the parking lot.
  • No one is to be in front of the firing line when the range is open for shooting.
  • Safety first, last, and foremost! 

There's something for almost everyone!!!  Come on out!!!!

Benchrest Division