The OKCGC has one of the nicest Known Distance (KD) High Power Rifle facilities in this part of the country. Only through your good stewardship can this range remain operational.

Members must go through a High Power range orientation before using the Highpower Range – no exceptions. Range orientations will be conducted after scheduled matches and events such as organized practice and workdays. There are separate range orientations for the 600yd range shooting and 1000yd shooting. The 600yd range orientation is a prerequisite for the 1000yd orientation.  Range Orientation Overview Here >

One of the key discriminators of a KD rifle range is that there are multiple firing lines with only one, or in the case of the OKCGC, two impact areas or target lines - one at 600yds and one at 1000yds.  Because of range topography, an individual standing on one firing line cannot observe all the other firing lines. The 600yd target area or butts (pit) may be safely occupied for purposes of scoring targets while firing is taking place. This allows immediate feedback while conducting firing. Radio contact between the butts and the firing line is highly recommended.

The following are some basic rules for range use:

1. Open, occupy and close the range per instructions detailed in documents “600yd Range Occupation Steps”, and/or “1000yd Range Occupation Steps”. These documents are both available on the High Power page of the OKCGC web site.    

   600yd Range Occupation Steps >

  1000yd Range Occupation Steps >                                            

2.  Rifle actions will be opened with an Empty Chamber Indicator (ECI) in place until safe to fire. You may obtain an ECI during your range orientation.

3.  Eye and ear protection will be worn while on the firing line and in the butts.

4.  Projectile Restrictions: .223/5.56x45 - no 55gr ammo firing past the 300 yard line. 7.62x39 - no firing past the 200 yard line. No caliber in excess of .35 caliber firing allowed. No .50 BMG firing allowed on OKCGC property.

5.  Array target aim points in such a way that shots will intentionally impact the center of the target frame. One target per target frame, centered on the target frame. If you use staples, remove them when you are done shooting.  No shooting at cans, milk jugs, or at anything other than paper targets posted in the center of the target frames and the steel targets located at the 1000yd target area. All rounds fired must impact either the 600 or 1000yd berm, not a firing line mound.

6. Cloraplast targets provided by the club are strictly for use with the ShotMarker electronic system.

7. Do not shoot across the range (i.e. - If you are shooting at target 19, you must shoot from firing point 19). This practice best preserves our impact berms.

8. Muzzles must be extended beyond the forward edge of the firing line while firing.

9. Pick up all your cartridge cases when firing is completed.

10. Be extremely cautious when using muzzle breaks because they can pick up and propel debris – notify others on the firing line before you start shooting with a muzzle break.

11. As with other ranges at the OKCGC, if there are two individuals occupying a firing line at one time, one must be designated as the Range Safety Officer.

12.  Bring any observed unsafe act to an immediate stop. Get a name or car tag number and report violations of the above range rules to the division officials immediately.

Safety is YOUR responsibility​​​

High Power Division -- Range Rules