2017 Match Programs are posted

High Power Rifle Division

In the Spotlight

The High Power Rifle Division is dedicated to the promotion of rifle marksmanship with a focus on competitive shooting.

IMPORTANT: Please review our Range Rules.

Competition within this division falls within three categories:
  - Across the Course Matches, more >
  - Prone Matches, more >
  - M1 Garand, Springfield, and Vintage Rifle Matches, more >

Match Programs can be found under Registered Matches. 

A “Basic Rifle Marksmanship” and “Introduction to High Power” class are each conducted annually.  Members interested in High Power are strongly encouraged to attend.  Also, most any club member who competes within this division will be willing to provide assistance, and advice if asked. Some times you don’t even have to ask!

See our Schedule of Events for our Training, Matches, Work Days, and dates the range will be closed for military and police department use.

If you have further questions, contact Dan Arnold, High Power Rifle Chairman at dsarnold@sbcglobal.net

Remember:  A bad day at the range is better than a good day at work!​