Introducing .22 F-Class Matches (Muzzleloader Range #2)

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The High Power Rifle Division is dedicated to the promotion of rifle marksmanship with a focus on competitive shooting.

IMPORTANT: Please review our Range Rules.  Members must complete a Range Orientation prior to using the range. Range orientations will be conducted by request after scheduled events. It takes about 20 minutes. Safety is our biggest concern.

Competition within this division falls within three categories:

  - Across the Course (XTC) Matches, more >
  - Prone Matches, more >
  - M1 Garand, Springfield, and Modern Military Rifle (GSM) matches, more >

Members interested in High Power are strongly encouraged to observe a match and attend our organized practice sessions (see Schedule of Events).  Also, most any club member who competes within this division will be willing to provide assistance and advice if asked.

See our Schedule of Events for our Training, and Matches, and the club calendar for dates the range will be closed for work days, military use and police department use.


   Kurt Schmidt: | (405) 436-3105
   Curt Bohlman: | (405) 513-3569
   Kent Shomber: | (405) 205-3689

Remember:  A bad day at the range is better than a good day at work!​​

2023 Central US XTC Championship

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Introducing GSM Matches

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High Power Rifle Division

New 1000yd line is open.  Checkout is required

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2023 Central US Mid-Range Championship

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