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In 2022, we will continue to expand the Clubs training opportunities.  Since the summer of 2020, we have offered a "Cover Your Basics - Handgun" class to address a community need, given the dramatic increase in purchase of firearms.  In 2021, we offered Expand your Basics – Handgun, SDA License Training, Home Defense –Shotgun, Home Defense - Carbine, and NRA Range Safety Officer training. In 2022, we will continue these programs and add a number of other types of courses as well.  We can also offer private training classes for small groups in any of our shooting disciplines, contact the Training Division Team for more information.

We would appreciate your feedback on topics and delivery of training so that we can best serve our membership and communities. 

Please Note: If we have less than 4 students registered for any of our training classes, we reserve the right to cancel the class and issue refunds. 


Please feel free to contact the Training Division Team at

Jodi Burr 
Kemit Grafton
Jim Durham

To register for a class, see the specific course information detail 

Gabe White Pistol Shooting Solutions, Sept 3rd & 4th

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