COVID-19 UPDATE: Good News!  At the Board Meeting Tuesday night, it was decided that the club can resume match activities beginning May 15th, as determined by individual divisions while following State guidelines for COVID-19 mitigation.  We’re far from “back to normal” so one can expect things to resume slowly.

There will be outlined safety protocols that will be enforced and adhered to at every organized match and/or gathering of more than 10 people.  Of course those who are not feeling well or are in higher health risk categories are encouraged to stay home for now.

This is the beginning.  With everyone’s help and cooperation we believe it can be done safely.

2019 IHMSA Region IV Championship Results

Gun Club Family Pavilion

Important Covid-19 Update

21st Annual Women's On Target Clinic -- 9/12/20

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Incorporated in 1958, the Oklahoma City Gun Club has long served the local community by providing supervised facilities for firearms shooting, giving instruction in the safe handling and proper care of firearms, teaching better marksmanship, and hosting numerous competitions that are open to the public.  Over the past sixty years, the Oklahoma City Gun Club has grown to approximately 2,200 members and over 20 active shooting divisions, encompassing a broad range of the shooting disciplines.  We work closely with many organizations and associations to support the shooting sports and to promote involvement, awareness, and safety.

Although a private club, the Oklahoma City Gun Club regularly hosts events open to the public.

The Oklahoma City Gun Club is located east of Edmond and about 3 miles north of Arcadia, OK.   

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